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Happy International Literacy Day!


Taking a Break

No worries! I have a big project I need to be working on for the next little bit - there's no exact deadline, so I can't tell you when exactly I'll be back. I might drop a few lines now and then, especially if something happens with CISA/CISPA or net neutrality, or book banning, or...well, all that stuff I care about a lot.

I will also be writing some for Banned Books Week, for sure, so there's that!

Links for 9/2

Libraries, Books, Writers, & SuchlikeBodleian Library Launches New Digital.Bodleian SiteIndianapolis launches literacy-promoting "Big Free Libraries"Read before you speak "I have a suggestion: If you want to complain about curriculum, you need to read the books. Twice in the last week, undergraduates in North Carolina — first at Duke University and then at the University of North Carolina — have objected to assigned books they haven’t read." Sound advice.Making Maps for Books: Two Cartographers Tell Us How It’s DoneLearning to Read: A Survival Guide for ParentsDear Mom, Dad, and Teacher: This Is Why I Read "On the last day of our ten-week Bookopolis Book Club session, I asked a group of fourth and fifth graders a simple question: Why do you read? Here are some of their sincere and unprompted answers..."‘Dune’ at 50: Why the Groundbreaking Eco-Conscious Novel Is More Relevant Than EverHealth, Science, Net, & TechWhen Big Data Becomes Bad Da…

Google Gets a Facelift

Google has a new logo! The celebratory Google Doodle is cute:

Google's made a lot of changes over the last 17 years or so:

I like the new logo.

Libraries, Books, Writers, & SuchlikeAIA/ALA Library Building Awards So pretty...The digital debate is done, and the reading public are the winnersA College Curriculum on Your Bookshelf: 50 Books for 50 ClassesHayao Miyazaki to build children’s nature retreatA Day for Robots (and Humans) Little Robot is out today!! Neil Gaiman: 'my parents didn’t have any kind of rules about what I couldn’t read'Neil Gaiman: “Freedom of speech is a hugely important thing.”Literature of 9/11 college class accused of being 'sympathetic towards terrorism' "Alec Dent, a freshman journalism major at UNC, hasn't taken the class or read any of the books on the syllabus, but said he's concerned that the class isn't 'fair and balanced,' reports WRAL-TV. 'The more research I did into it, the more it seemed like …