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Officially on my Asshats List: Rand Paul.

Rand Paul's bill would overturn US net neutrality rules

Libraries, Books, Writers, & SuchlikePublic libraries to offer digital early literacy toolsHow UK Journalism Explains Baltimore Riots Better Than American MediaeBook Sales Down 10.2% in January 2015 Book sales overall, though, were up. The Plan To Give E-Books To Poor Kids "If there's a fly in the ointment, it's one little letter: e.  Publishers aren't giving kids a quarter-of-a-billion dollars worth of free books. They're free e-books. Which require two things:  A good Internet connection — at least at school if not at home — and some sort of device to read them." It'd be better to give them print books, honestly, or - hey, here's an idea - increase funding to libraries and encourage updated neighborhood bookmobile programs, especially for low-income urban communities. Sexism in science: Peer editor tells female researchers their study needs…

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Libraries, Books, Writers, & SuchlikeDo We Need Libraries?Watchdog group claims Alameda Co. libraries discarded nearly 400,000 books This is so stupid... Libraries have to weed damaged and non-circulating books to make way for the new books everyone's interested in now or newer, updated, or just not damaged copies. Weeding is a good thing - let them get on with it. There's no point in keeping an old Harlequin novel no one's checked out in ten years that is missing pages - let it goLibraries Are Paving The Way For Cultural UnityPhil Campbell High School library gets generous contributions during recovery effortsAnonymous Donor Makes $1.5 Million Contribution to ELPL for Capital ImprovementsTheft of rare books investigated at New York Public LibraryDiverse Coalition Launches to Promote Balanced Copyright Law, Creativity and Free SpeechBaltimore Libraries Stay Open Through Riots, Because ‘The Community Needs Us’OIF protest removal of Absolutely True Diary from Wat…

Not Blown Away

We had a really bad storm here today. The library lost power for three hours, and about a dozen rail cars fell off a bridge. No one was hurt in either case, although a couple patrons tried my patience pretty badly.

The storm did blow in my in-laws! Hooray!

Libraries, Books, Writers, & SuchlikeFighting Over Rare BooksWorld Book Day: Libraries Thrive With E-Books " This final report represents the very beginning of a reading revolution in Africa’s libraries, and we think the future looks bright."April 27, 1667: John Milton sells the copyright to Paradise LostHealth & ScienceDepression Can Physically Alter Your DNAMelanoma Tumor 'Dissolves' After 1 Dose of New Drug ComboAlternative therapies: what’s the harm?Koch-backed group sending ‘real scientists’ to school Pope Francis about ‘Biblical duty’ to pollute just created diesel fuel from air and waterEducationYoung girl who battled cancer dismissed from school over attendance, academic perform…


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Happy St. George's Day!

Today is St. George's Day! Google has an awesome Doodle for today:

Sadly, it's only available in the U.K. Why? I like St. George, too!

Completely unrelated* to St. George:
You can't read this "If the American people would be opposed to a trade agreement if they saw it, then that agreement should not become the law of the United States." Warren ain't wrong! Let Congress know - this is a government of and for the people, and we don't want laws enacted without the people's input! Related: The White House’s 10 Big Lies To Congress About The TPP*Except that TPP is terrible and has the potential to wreck the citizenry, and maybe we could use a St. George or three to defend us. Be a St. George - fight the TPP

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Libraries, Books, Writers, & SuchlikeHappy World Book Night! I plan to celebrate by...well, reading a lot, but I do that every night, so...Falls Church Library Receives $250,000 Bequest from Longtime…

Happy (Belated) Earth Day!



81 years ago, Colonel Robert Wilson took a picture of Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster. Maybe. Or maybe it was a hoax.

Whatever - today's Google Doodle marks the date, although the artist obviously believes it to be a hoax.

Anyway, if you're interested, you can join the search for Nessie using Google Street View! Honestly, I don't actually think I'll see Nessie - but the Scottish Highlands are certainly gorgeous.

Libraries, Books, Writers, & SuchlikeNew York Public Libraries Warn of a ‘Staggering’ CrisisApril 21, 1816: Charlotte Bronte bornHow a Pulitzer-winning series forced South Carolina to face its domestic violence problemArchivist James Fox says UO Interim President Scott Coltrane's team betrayed, scapegoated himMinneapolis ranked most literate city New Orleans came in at 27th. C'mon, NOLA, we can do better than that!Thai Librarians Visit ALA Washington Office I hope information ethics was one of the subjects discussed. Net & TechStand with Sen…


Libraries, Books, Writers, & SuchlikeLibrary of Congress Launches New Online Poetry Archive, Featuring 75 Years of Classic Poetry ReadingsT.H. Tsien, 105, Dies; Scholar of Chinese Books Rescued 30,000 of Them "Professor Tsien...was a young librarian [in China] during the Japanese occupation, which lasted from 1931 until the end of World War II. Working in secret, he was charged with keeping a trove of precious volumes, some dating to the first millennium B.C., from falling into the occupiers' hands....In interviews, Professor Tsien was sometimes asked why he assumed so grave a risk to smuggle books out of China. His reply was simple.  'It was my duty,' he said." ALSC's 2015 Summer Reading List! If you have a kid, grades K-8th, these might be very handy! Or if you work with kids in that age group! Poetry Is Actually Kinda Cool: Great Poetry Books for Reluctant Poetry Readers10 Reasons Why Kids Need to Read Non-Disney Fairy TalesHow We Talk (or Don’t…

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No one wants to hear me talk about doing laundry all afternoon, or spending fifteen minutes trying to pick out a flea collar.

Ranga is not amused. I don't think he likes flea collars.

Libraries, Books, Writers, & Suchlike, A New ‘Wrinkle in Time’ "Ms. Voiklis said she wanted readers to know the book wasn't a simple allegory of communism. Instead, it's about the risk of any country—including a democracy—placing too much value on security. The tension between safety and personal freedom is an idea that resonates in today's politics."See Priya Cook: Gender Bias Pervades Textbooks WorldwideApril 19, 1824: Lord Byron dies in GreeceThe story behind Jar’Edo Wens, the longest-running hoax in Wikipedia historyHealth & ScienceSolar Power Battle Puts Hawaii at Forefront of Worldwide ChangesHow we got duped into believing milk is necessary for healthy bonesEducation10 Exciting Lessons For Your Kindergartener Using MinecraftOther (Serious Stuff)The day I bou…

The Snarkiest of the Snarky

I admit it - I'm snarky.

I always have been snarky. Even when I was little, I would very clearly state my disagreements with authority figures, letting them know exactly how and why I thought they were wrong. It covered everything from my reading abilities (most people doubted how well I could read, or that I could handle certain subjects or genres - they were wrong) to theological differences (I had no speechless awe for pastors or visiting evangelists). Sometimes - and this might be hard to believe - but, sometimes, I'd get a pinch of sarcasm mixed in with my logic.

In high school, I stayed snarky, but only in close circles. Mostly, I was quiet, and did a lot of reading, although snarky thoughts played through my mind pretty constantly. In college, I let more of it out. Some professors liked me, some didn't, and some warned others that I could be trouble. 
I know - shocking.
I'm afraid I have to admit, too, that I'm only getting snarkier as I get older. I am goin…

Yay! Library Music!


Libraries Are Awesome That Way



Happy National Library Workers Day!

Make sure you thank your librarians and other library staff members for all their help in getting you the information you want and need! Have a favorite library worker? Perhaps one who has gone out of his or her way to help a child struggling to read, or track down some elusive bit of genealogical information? Taught you about ILL or arranged an order for your favorite show? Submit a Star!

Libraries, Books, Writers, & SuchlikeLibrary of Congress: the Unexpected DiplomatState of America's Libraries Report 2015How Libraries Engage Local AdvocatesIowa Teachers Fight Ban of Absolutely True DiaryCreative Courage for Young Hearts: 14 Emboldening Picture Books Celebrating the Lives of Great Artists, Writers, and ScientistsFox Sports' Katie Nolan destroys her own network's sexist articleApril 14, 1818: Webster’s American Dictionary of the English Language is printedNet & TechThe Attack on Net Neutrality BeginsDon’t Keep the Trans-P…