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As Above, So Below: Religion in December

Religious nonfiction falls into two broad categories - devotional and religious studies. Devotional works are meant to help an individual or group grow closer to the sacred heart of their religious faith. Religious studies, on the other hand, are the academic study of religious beliefs, practices, and institutions. The two are not, of course, mutually exclusive - many people find greater understanding of and faith in devotional practices that incorporate academic religious study, and others are drawn to religious study of their own and other faiths because of their devotional studies.

December's Main Read is brought to you courtesy of Castiel, the Angel of Thursdays, who has long had an interest in the intersection of religion and popular culture. (Just...don't ask him about the pizza man.) Check it out:

Understanding Religion and Popular Culture Welcome to the exciting and rapidly evolving field of study known as Religion and Popular Culture! This relatively new academic area …