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Mythologizing July

For July, we're going to take a look at modern mythology - a special type of retold tale! Retold tales in general are a neat genre - they take familiar and important stories, ones that have already had a great deal of impact on our lives, and twist them up a bit. By introducing new themes and sometimes controversial ideas into a familiar setting, the author can lead the reader to new perspectives and a chance to reevaluate our own long-held beliefs and cherished traditions in someone else's context. A comfortable story made discomforting can be a powerful thing. Mythology retold is especially interesting - we can see the gods wrestling with the same issues we face, and learn to look at each other differently.

This month's Main Read was chosen by Loki - he thinks it's about time someone heard his side of events. Check it out:
The Gospel of Loki
I know a tale, O sons of earth.
I speak it as I must.
Of how nine trees gave life to Worlds
That giants held in trust.
Okay. Stop. S…