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Since we didn't get massive amounts of snow and are therefore not stuck in Kentucky, I suppose we will pack up tonight and head out early tomorrow morning. Time to get back to The Real World.


Libraries, Books, & AuthorsArt Student Hand-Illuminates, Binds a Copy of Tolkien's Silmarillion So gorgeous! Hanover schools release list of sensitive instructional material "Hanover County school administrators have sent all principals a list of instructional materials that teachers now need a principal’s permission to use in class....The books on the list are 'Thou Shalt Not Dump the Skater Dude,' by Rosemary Graham; 'So Far From the Bamboo Grove,' by Yoko Watkins; 'The Color Purple,' by Alice Walker; 'The Well,' by Mildred D. Taylor; and 'Thirteen Reasons Why,' by Jay Asher."Publishing: The peer-review scam "When a handful of authors were caught reviewing their own papers, it exposed weaknesses in modern publishing system…

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

I, for one, would love to revive a long-forgotten tradition: When Thanksgiving Was Weird.

Oddest thing: Thanksgiving in turn-of-the-20th century America used to look a heckuva lot like Halloween. People — young and old — got all dressed up and staged costumed crawls through the streets. In Los Angeles, Chicago and other places around the country, newspapers ran stories of folks wearing elaborate masks and cloth veils. Thanksgiving mask balls were held in Cape Girardeau, Mo., Montesano, Wash., and points in between. In New York City — where the tradition was especially strong — a local newspaper reported in 1911 that "fantastically garbed youngsters and their elders were on every corner of the city." Thousands of folks ran rampant, one syndicated column noted. "Horns and rattles are worked overtime. The throwing of confetti and even flour on pedestrians is an allowable pastime." It must have been like a strange American dream. 

How much…

Sympathy for the Devil

This morning, I had a talk with my 8 year old daughter, Swicky, about systemic racism, the militarization of the police, and how ordinary evil really is. I woke up with Sympathy for the Devil running through my head, and it made more sense than ever.

I am sad for Ferguson. I am disgusted by those who take the Grand Jury's decision not to indict Darren Wilson as proof that he was justified in gunning down an unarmed teen (and, therefore, Mike Brown's guilt of something worthy of the death penalty without charges or trial). I am also disgusted by those who condemn the protesters - particularly those who are lashing out in violence.
That one's the hardest to explain to people. But, yes, I understand the violence, even though I don't condone it. I understand the burning, the destruction, and the looting. (Thank God, I'm not the only one.) I'm angry, too - and I'm lucky: I'm white. 
I don't have to worry about what happens if I consider buying a BB gun …


Prosecutor Announces Ferguson Jury Decision In Michael Brown's Death

"A grand jury did not indict Ferguson, Mo., police officer Darren Wilson for any crimes related to the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown in August."

I wish I could say I'm shocked, but I'm not. I am, however, saddened. I will be praying for the people of Ferguson and Michael Brown's family.

Libraries, Books, & AuthorsNov 24, 1859: Origin of Species is publishedH.P. Lovecraft’s Classic Horror Stories Free Online: Download Audio Books, eBooks & MoreSalvador Dali's cookbook is every bit as insane as you would expect it to beAuthors Sign Up to Raise Barnes & Noble’s Black Friday Sales "The chain recruited 100 prominent authors — including Donna Tartt, David Mitchell, Dan Brown, E. L. James, Jeff Kinney, George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton — to each sign roughly 5,000 copies of their latest books. The company will distribute the 500,000 signed books among its more than …

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Headaches are Terrible....

...and now I'm worried there might be something crawling around in my brain...


Libraries, Books, & AuthorsNov 22, 1819: George Eliot is bornMeet the Man Who Catalogs Medieval Cartoons4 Fake Quotes by Famous Authors to Watch Out ForTexas Approves Textbooks With Moses As Honorary Founding FatherScienceEPA Barred From Getting Advice From Scientists "A bill passed through the US House of Representatives is designed to prevent qualified, independent scientists from advising the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). They will be replaced with industry affiliated choices, who may or may not have relevant scientific expertise, but whose paychecks benefit from telling the EPA what their employers want to hear." Authority IssuesVideo shows teacher forcing girl to school pool The P.E. teacher "...was put on paid leave for a month immediately following the incident, but was then brought back and assigned to another Stockton campus. Only Thursday, when KXTV-TV notifie…

It's a Coffee Miracle!

Remember when I raved over my new AeroPress?

This morning, my husband of ten years - who only rarely drinks coffee, when he desperately needs the caffeine to stay awake, and only then black and ice cold - walked by me and said, "Something smells good..." He picked up my cup of coffee, took a sip, and then took it away.

That's right - AeroPress coffee is so delicious, my coffee-disliking husband will drink it because he likes it.

Libraries, Books, & AuthorsNov 21, 1694: Voltaire's birthdayTown Reportedly Nixes Winnie the Pooh Mascot Over 'Dubious Sexuality' "Officials in the Polish town of Tuszyn (around 87 miles southwest of Warsaw) were deciding on a mascot for its town playground, when the classic children's character was suggested as a candidate. They decided to rule Winnie out, because he's an 'inappropriately dressed' bear of 'dubious sexuality.'" The War of the Words "Amazon’s war with publishing giant Ha…

Hurrah for Sleep!

I feel much better now. I even woke up while it was technically still morning, so I don't feel like I wasted the entire day, although I did spend most of the day catching up on Gotham and not changing out of my pajamas.

I also had some friends over to watch a movie (The Fall, which was pretty good, I think), and that was loads of fun.

All in all, a very good day!

Libraries, Books, & Authors“A Giant of Literature”: Ursula K. Le Guin and Neil Gaiman at the 2014 National Book AwardsNov 20, 1875: Henry James' first novel is publishedFSU Gunman Identified As School Alumnus and Attorney Myron MayReuters To Cut Jobs Despite Budget IncreaseNet & TechSen. Al Franken Demands Answers From Uber on Privacy, ‘God View’ ToolWhat is Your Location?: Public Knowledge Petition Pushes FCC to Implement 911 Accuracy RulesAuthority IssuesVirginia Police Have Been Secretively Stockpiling Private Phone RecordsNewly obtained video of Southeast Bullitt Fire Department chief raises question…

Still Catching Up On Sleep....

Thankfully, tomorrow is my day off! I intend to sleep until at least 3 p.m. Probably longer. I will refuse to change out of my pajamas, and I'm not going to brush my hair.

Libraries, Books, & AuthorsUrsula K. Le Guin: Amazon has too much control over what books get publishedWhy a town librarian has spent 102 days standing in front of Ferguson’s police departmentOtherWord Nerd Alert: Losing the Htrkos in the Woods Well, I thought it was cool.Speaking of what I think is cool: The World Religions TreeReligious post: The war against rest : Sabbath piety and sabbath politicsMillion-dollar baby: Hawaii vacation leaves Sask. parents with massive medical billHistoric Snowstorm Buries Western New York, Kills 5

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Advocate for FREEDOM!

It's now or (almost) never for USA PATRIOT Act reform
Now is the time for librarians and others on the front lines fighting for privacy and civil liberties to heed ALA President Courtney Young's call to "Advocate. Today.” - and we do mean today. Here's the situation: Thanks to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Senators will cast a key vote on Tuesday afternoon that is, in effect, "do or die" for meaningful USA PATRIOT Act reform in the few remaining weeks of the “lame duck” Congress. If Senators Reid and Patrick Leahy can't muster 60 votes on Tuesday to bring Senator Leahy’s USA FREEDOM Act (S. 2685) to the floor, then the overwhelming odds are that another bill nearly as good won’t have a prayer of passage for many years. Sadly, it’s not at all certain that 60 Senators are leaning in that direction. That’s where you come in! Now is the time for librarians (and everyone else concerned with their privacy and all of our civil liberties) to come to the aid…

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I Can't Move Much Further South, Guys...

I mean, I guess I could move to Hawaii, or leave the country and head to South America (I did like Nicaragua an awful lot)...any Nicaraguan libraries hiring librarians that don't speak Spanish very well? No? Dang. Guess I'll have to deal with the cold.


Libraries, Books, & AuthorsNov 14, 1851: Moby-Dick publishedEx-Detroit Library Official Timothy Cromer Sentenced to Ten YearsAuthor of Thai monarchy book ‘delighted’ with banAmazon and Hachette finally reach deal; Hachette will set its ebook pricesResearch and a Resource Guide on Screen Time For Babies and ToddlersJefferson County Students Thrown Out of Board MeetingUsing Graphic Novels in Education: Babymouse I love Babymouse! Net & TechUS government planes mimic cellphone towers to collect user data – reportAT&T Stops Using Undeletable Phone Tracking IDs "Verizon remains committed to its program of inserting a tracking number into its customers' cellphone transmissions."ScienceSex, Genes, The Y…

Evil Weather

Arctic cold spreads across the country:
"The entire country is about to get a taste of the arctic air that's blown in. By Friday there will be freezing temperatures in all 50 states." Wow! That'll be a shocker for Hawaiians, for sure...

Only Eight States to Dodge Icy Air From Slipping Polar Vortex:
"Only the Southwest, Hawaii, Alaska and South Florida will escape the grip of the upcoming arctic blast that the polar vortex can be blamed for."

Oh. That makes a lot more sense. Never mind.

Libraries, Books, & AuthorsBook ban vote in Kennett: Censorship dies an ugly deathThai police ban British journalist's book for 'defaming' royalsLibraries again fight for exemptions from “Digital Locks” copyright lawALA to host copyright policy discussion in Washington, D.C.ALA welcomes President Obama’s strong affirmation of net neutralityFeminist, Bae, Turnt: Time’s ‘Worst Words’ List Is Sexist and Racist "With better curation, Time’s annual word-b…

I Am So In Love....

Guys, I'm not even joking.

Everyone knows I love coffee. Tea is good, too, and I drink almost the same amount of tea as coffee, now that I've cut down to one cup of Coke a day. But coffee is my first and greatest love, drink-wise.

I started drinking coffee at around age three. Not lying, ask my mom. I gave my kids their first cups of coffee at about age three, as well. Swicky- well, she's a tea drinker. That's okay - I don't judge her (out loud); I just make her a cup of tea. Coconut, on the other hand, is a coffee drinker, too. He takes it half-coffee/half-milk, with a teaspoon of sugar - so, candied up. That's okay, too - we all start somewhere.

I had three coffeemakers - a full-size electric drip and an old-fashioned stove top percolator at home, and a single-cup electric drip at work. The kids managed to break the glass carafe of the electric drip at home, and a small but vital piece of the stove top percolator got lost. Seriously, now, how am I supposed to…

Put It Down

I gave up.

And that's okay.

I was trying to read an author that several of my friends have read and liked. I won't say which author, but I will mention that it's a trendy author in a genre that I'm both familiar with and typically enjoy. As with many authors that have been recommended to me, I checked out three books: a book of short stories (usually a good introduction to any writer) and a couple of well-known books that everyone agreed were pretty awesome.

I didn't like them.

I read several of the short stories, and thought, "Meh. I don't get it. Maybe this guy's not a 'short story' kind of writer, though."

I tried to read one of the books. Guys, I really tried. I would set aside time to read, find a quiet spot (never easy with Swicky and Coconut around), and focus on the story. And just couldn't do it. It took me two weeks - two weeks! -  to read the first forty pages. Then I looked at how very, very much more I had to read, and alm…


Feeling Crafty

Every once in a while, I feel like making something. (Occasionally, I feel like baking, too - this was not one of those days, though.) I decided to make one of those nifty Bible bookmarks for my BCP/Bible. It came with five ribbons, but 1) they were just plain ol' ribbons and 2) five are not enough. I decided to dress up the five ribbons and make a bookmark with an additional seven ribbons, for a total of twelve. Twelve should be enough, I think.

I would have taken photos of the process, but I forgot. Also, I needed three hands to get it done in the first place, which meant I spent a great deal of time saying words I shouldn't while trying to hold a ribbon in place, keeping glue off my fingers, and clamping vices. It was...well, it got messy, and I've got dried glue on my fingers and can't remember how to get it off.

It feels really icky, guys. I don't like it.

But the ribbons and bookmark turned out beautifully! Here are some pictures of the finished products: