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I'm tired. Have a short list o' links.

Libraries, Books, Writers, & SuchlikeNorth Korean Defector Reflects On Life 'Under The Same Sky'Girls like digital media while boys prefer print, finds study on reading habits Some fascinating information in here...The Authoritative Guide to Children’s Books Turned Into TV Shows Using books based on their favorite TV show is a classic, and effective, method for hooking reluctant readers! Here's a list of those that started out as books - there are tons of other cases where the show comes first (like Dora the Explorer). May 31, 1819: Walt Whitman is bornNet & TechGoogle Commits $20 Million To Make The World More Accessible For People With DisabilitiesPatriot Act Section 215: Deadline nears to extend surveillance programs; Senators fail to make deal to extendAuthority Issues‘Go back to Baltimore': Road-raging Kansas councilman allegedly calls teen ‘black n****r b*tch’ over traffic mishap Wow. Louisiana10 Years …

My Thumb is Turning Colors

I have never been good with plants, although I love to grown them and pour my little heart into them. When I get a plant, I research how to take care of it and I meticulously follow directions until it dies. I don't know why. My kids say I have a red thumb (because red is the opposite of green) or a black thumb (because I kill everything). My husband says I must get some sort of twisted kick out of torturing plants. (I don't. I want them to live. I don't know why they don't.)

But this summer I've had great luck with two plants, mostly by just ignoring them entirely.

The first is my hydrangeas. I bought two of them last year, and sent some of the flowers with the kids to flower the cross at Easter. Then, I stuck the plants themselves in my front yard, where they're apparently very happy:

The second plant that is doing amazingly well, considering it was entirely accidental and received no special care, is the hydrangeas' neighbor, and I'm trying to keep t…

Congress: This is a Blackout

If you can read this, you aren't viewing my post from a Congress IP. Hello! If you were trying to access my blog from a Congress IP, though, you would be...somewhere else.

Thousands of websites block Congress in Patriot Act protest: "Led by the online activist group Fight for the Future, more than 10,000 sites have added code that redirects any visitors from Internet protocol (IP) addresses stemming from Congress away from their site and towards a protest page."

Want to know what the big deal is? Here's an old (in Internet terms) video that covers it really well:

The Patriot Act has been used by the NSA and other organizations to collect an unbelievable (and, turns out, illegal) amount of private information. Proponents argue it's necessary to fight terrorism, but the FBI has admitted it's ineffective for that purpose; it is used, inappropriately, for other issues - primarily narcotics cases. Some provisions, particularly Section 215, are about to "sunset&q…

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TPP: Important Article


Sally Ride

Today's Google Doodle celebrates Sally Ride! In fact, there are five Google Doodles for her:

My personal favorite - because it highlights best (imho) her work to encourage girls to engage in all fields of science and technology:

In addition, Google has posted a Behind the Doodle to highlight this amazing woman:

Links! Libraries, Books, Writers, & SuchlikeLibraries could outlast the internet, head of British Library saysArt went missing amid library effort to upgrade securityYes I Can "I love a good challenge, or even a really silly one, like the claim that You Can’t Defend Public Libraries and Oppose File-Sharing. Um, wanna bet? I’m not writing for some site called Torrent Freak, so I don’t have to leave all logic behind." Heheheh...I love Annoyed Librarian. Margaret Atwood puts unseen manuscript in 'Future Library'May 26, 1897: Dracula goes on sale in LondonAmazon and Penguin Random House said to be in dispute25 Of The Most Incredibly Beautiful Book Sculpture…

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Libraries, Books, Writers, & SuchlikeSaving libraries after Nepal quake disasters6 punctuation marks you might be using incorrectlyNet & TechAT&T et al challenging net neutrality order on 1st Amendment grounds Absolutely ridiculous, of course, and worrisome - it shows that ISPs will resort to anything to bring down net neutrality and force consumers into tiered access plans, restricting our information access unnecessarily in order to make an extra buck for no additional value. Health & ScienceObama is creating a 1,500-mile “butterfly corridor” to help Monarchs get from Mexico to MinnesotaCalifornia investigates nine-mile oil slickGeologist says pipeline threatens Monroe springsAuthority IssuesVirginia cop uses pepper-spray, Taser on unresisting black man having strokeInternationalSold for ransom: On the trail of Thailand's human traffickersFrance to force big supermarkets to give unsold food to charities "The French national assembly voted unanimously t…

Happy World Turtle Day!

Who doesn't love turtles?! Happy World Turtle Day!

Is it weird to have a favorite turtle? No. Here's mine:

Enjoy these turtle day links! World Turtle Day focused on awareness and conservationWorld Turtle Day: Facts and figures about conservation and protectionAdorable Baby Tortoise Hatchling at the Zoo Signals a Breeding Success Story

Links! (Short list today - I'm going to the beach!)
 Libraries, Books, Writers, & SuchlikeLong Overdue: NYC's $1 Billion Library FineNet & TechPatriot Act - Section 215FBI admits it didn't crack any major cases with Patriot Act powers "The Federal Bureau of Investigation could not pinpoint a single notable case that was solved using far-reaching surveillance powers under the Patriot Act, findings from a new report say." (Let it go...)NSA bulk phone records collection to end despite USA Freedom Act failure "The administration decision ensures that beginning at 5pm ET on 1 June, for the first time since October 2001…

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Libraries, Books, Writers, & SuchlikePratt Library Gets Grant After Staying Open Despite RiotsLaszlo Krasznahorkai wins Man Booker International PrizeOsama Bin Laden’s eclectic and paranoid collection of books Interesting list, actually. Related: Osama bin Laden's bookshelf revealed: What you can learn from his reading listHow To Spot And Critique Censorship Tropes In The Media's Coverage Of Free Speech Controversies19 Free Art Museums You Should Visit This SummerThis was the biggest political science study of last year. It was a complete fraud. "Outright fraud like LaCour's is rarer and more shocking than findings that don't hold up to replication or simple data entry errors. But it should serve as a reminder — both to people like me who report on studies and to the readers we've trying to serve — that pinning your hopes on one study is a foolish proposition." Net & TechPre-thoughtcrime: Russian think t…


Libraries, Books, Writers, & SuchlikeLibraries Respond to Community Needs in Times of CrisisBelmont Public Library For The Birds: Yes, a Library for BirdsFirst lady: Libraries, museums are 'necessities,' not extras "'Whether you're bringing virtual classes in STEM education to remote areas and inner-city communities, or teaching our children about their Native American and African-American heritage, so many of you are working to close the heartbreaking opportunity gaps that limit the horizons of too many people in this country,' Mrs. Obama said." Hey, look, the Louisiana Children's Museum received a 2015 National Medal for Museum and Library ServiceThe Laura Bush Foundation for America’s Libraries Awards More Than $875,000 in Grants to School LibrariesIan McEwan to Grads: Defend Free SpeechThe lyrics of recent No. 1 singles average at a third grade reading level Ouch...TPPSenator Reads the TPP and Exposes Its Contents; Other Elected Offici…