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I Expect Cookies

Our Internet connection is being hit hard, with one router dead. So I hope you all appreciate my slogging away to get links to work. It was accompanied by much cursing, as well as wondering how I survived before I had the connection I took for granted, now lost. Temporarily, anyway.

So, yeah, you're all sending me cookies now, right?

Libraries, Books, Writers, & SuchlikeA radical publishing collective: the Journal of Radical LibrarianshipThis innkeeper is offering her $900,000 lakeside inn to the writer of the best 200-word essayMarch 30, 1820: Anna Sewell, author of Black Beauty, is born Related: How 'Black Beauty' Changed The Way We See HorsesFrom Neil Gaiman: The Facts of DeathAnglo Saxon remedy kills hospital superbug MRSA "The project was born when a microbiologist at the University of Nottingham, UK, got talking to an Anglo Saxon scholar. They decided to test a recipe from an Old English medical compendium called Bald's Leechbook, housed in the Bri…

Getting So Much Done...

In the past couple days, I've finished two books, did some gardening, did laundry, made groceries, and helped Coconut build a zoetrope. I'd show you a picture of the zoetrope, but he and Swicky managed to break it within the hour. Ah, was fun to put together, anyway.

More laundry tomorrow, and maybe an art project with Swicky - we'll see!


Libraries, Books, Writers, & SuchlikeMissouri Governor Proposes Massive Funding Cuts For Libraries Related: Missouri Governor Nixon is Putting Libraries in PerilVenom library to store poison from Australia's deadliest creaturesJust when I thought I couldn't love Flannery O'Connor more than I already did...Flannery O’Connor Dissing Ayn Rand in 1960Reading American cities: books about New OrleansApp That Aims To Make Books 'Squeaky Clean' Draws Ire From Edited WritersHealth & ScienceLobbyist claims Monsanto’s Round Up is safe to drink, panics when TV host offers him a glass So...probably not actua…




Links Again...

Libraries, Books, Writers, & SuchlikeAnti-pornography activist creates attack ad against Niles library trustee And, of course, misrepresents the situation entirely. Scott Bonner awarded the Lemony Snicket Prize for Noble Librarians Faced with Adversity "On August 9, 2014, the shooting of unarmed teenager Mike Brown by police officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri set off a string of protests, demonstrations, riots, civil unrest, arson and violence. But in the middle of this climate of fear—where local disruptions caused businesses to board up their windows and delayed the start of the school year for the 12,000 youth in the Ferguson-Florissant School District— the Ferguson Public Library remained open and engaged, thanks to Bonner and the absolutely vital and tireless work of every member of his staff ."School cuts have decimated librarians "In 1991, there were 176 certified librarians in city schools. Now there are 11 - for 218 schools."Joanne Harri…


Libraries, Books, Writers, & SuchlikeMakeover complete at Bodleian librariesMarch 23, 1839: OK enters national vernacularScience & HealthMarch 23, 2015: Emmy Noether's 133rd Birthday "Emmy Noether was no ordinary person...need proof? How many people do you know can count Albert Einstein as a fan of their work? The legendary physicist once referred to Noether as, 'The most significant creative mathematical genius thus far produced,' a fitting endorsement for a mathematician who made groundbreaking contributions to the fields of abstract algebra and theoretical physics, all the while overcoming deep seated sexism in her line of work." 
Ebola Returns to LiberiaEducationRobert Reich Demolishes Myth that College Is Gateway to the Middle Class I would like to see quality vo-tech programs - with additional basic humanities courses added. Especially philosophy - because I can't think of a single field that shouldn't require a hefty ethics education. 

Now I Just Need A TARDIS...

So, I've been collecting bits and pieces for a while to make my ultimate Halloween costume, and it's almost complete! I'll debut this Halloween, but the pièce de résistance is complete and in my greedy little paws!

This, my friends, is a replica of the Fourth Doctor's scarf, made to scale and everything! Did I do this? Heck, no! My friend Mary Beth labored over this beauty for three years! And then she gave it to me because she is the most awesome. She officially rocks, and I will love her forever, and I owe her all the cookies! I would give her my first-born child, but that'd be a "Ransom of Red Chief" situation, I know.

Meanwhile, I received a present from my friend Amy, at Mudroot Pottery:

Aren't those gorgeous? I spent so much time ooohing and aaahing and telling the kids they were nevereverever allowed to touch either of these. I met Amy at Berea College, and if you know anything about that school's pottery program, you'll know Mudroot Po…


Okay, you've been pretty good.* Here, as promised - you can see my brown spring shoes, too:

Yes, yes, you're welcome!

Also, I just had the most wonderful conversation with a little patron. Now, I'm not a Children's Librarian, and I don't want to be a Children's Librarian. Seriously, guys. I love kids theoretically, and I like Swicky and Coconut okay...

I also like kids' books. But I don't like mobs of kids, and don't get me started on parents. I spend a lot of my time chasing down parents who've let their littles wander free.** But I was walking around making sure everything was running smoothly on the public side**** when I passed through Children's.

A little, probably 4 or 5 years old, said, "Mom, you're getting me a million books!!" I stopped and knelt down to her level***** and said, "Oh my goodness, that's a lot of books! Do you like to read?"

"Yes!" she answered enthusiastically.

Her mom smiled dow…

It's Spring!

Hurrah! It's Spring!

You know what that means?

Well, yes, obviously, beautiful (bee-utiful?) Google Doodle:

(It's really pretty, and I love the bee!)
But, also, it means I retire my boots for the season, and start wearing my spring shoes!

Okay, maybe I'm the only one super-excited about spring shoes. Whatever.

I have to say, though, I'm glad I'm in the South right now. Spring or no, winter storms have not ended for the North - Ultima is sweeping through, bringing more snow. I hope this is the last one this year for you guys!

Libraries, Books, Writers, & SuchlikeTeens escorted out of Capitol while protesting budget cuts to Mo. librariesAppeals court: Ky. library tax is legalOverDrive Sold to Rakuten For $410 Million in CashMarch 20, 1852: Uncle Tom’s Cabin is publishedStephen King: LePage ‘full of the stuff that makes the grass grow green’ A friendly reminder to not poke the authors. They're infamous for not being quiet.Poet Jane Hirshfield On How To R…


Lots o' Links

Libraries, Books, Writers, & SuchlikeCelebrate National Library Week "Celebrate National Library Week 2015 (April 12-18, 2015) with the theme 'Unlimited possibilities @ your library®.'"

Free & Open to Everyone "The New Orleans Public Library is the only information, education, and entertainment resource in New Orleans that is free to access and open to everyone – regardless of age, race, or financial status; which is why so many people, from all walks of life, visit the library everyday." In cash-strapped School District, a hidden treasure trove of books How frustrating...Tiny Library in Dr. Who Box Restored for Neighbors by Random KindnessLike a Rock Star – A Little Free Library Goes on TourMarch 18, 1932: John Updike is bornMexican Journalist Is Fired After Report About First LadyArthur Conan Doyle was victim of police conspiracy, archives show "If it had a Sherlock Holmes title, it might be, The Case of the Writer of Detective Fiction W…

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

It's St. Patrick's Day! There's an awesome Google Doodle for today!

I wore green, but totally by accident. And I think it would probably be inappropriate to go around pinching patrons who forgot. How did that tradition start, anyway? Well, it's long been traditional to wear green on St. Patrick's Day, but this particular tradition started in America! Legend has it* that leprechauns will pinch anyone they can see on St. Patrick's Day, but they can't see anyone wearing green. [Source]

Today is St. Patrick's Day because this is the day the saint died, which is typical for saints' days and also sort of sad. Today also marks the first St. Patrick's Day parade, in New York City.You can also learn more about St. Patrick's Day - history, traditions, and even some Irish foods - from The History Channel's St. Patrick's Day site!

*Is America even old enough to have legends yet? It feels a bit like when seven-year-old Coconut says, "A long,…


Libraries, Books, Writers, & SuchlikeFunding for libraries is becoming more important, not lessHow some savvy librarians saved the Treasure of TimbuktuArchival discoveries and collaboration at Minnesota Public Radio "Marking the 40th anniversary of the first large-scale arrival of Hmong people in Minnesota, MPR News recently launched a Hmong collection page and broadcast a few news stories–all using archive recordings to tell the story of Hmong-Minnesotans."Why There Should Be an Oscar Category for Dramatic ResearchTerry Pratchett: Reading order for Discworld I chose to read them chronologically this time around; usually, I use the Penny Pincher way. Terry Pratchett will 'live on in the clacks' thanks to fans' programming code "Now GNU Terry Pratchett will run through the internet forever, underlining Pratchett's own line in Going Postal: 'A man's not dead while his name's still spoken.'"The Inklings: Good Books On C.S. Lew…

Just Links!

Happy (Ultra-Special) Pi Day!

March 14 is always Pi Day, but today we can go several digits further! Today is 3/14/15, and at 9:26:53 AM we got a full ten digits of pi! Tonight, we can hit 3.141592653 again, at which time I plan on serving pie, of course, although I don't yet have a pie, so I'd better get on that.

Here are some Pi Day links:

Official Pi Day site! Pi Day Isn't Just Magical, It's Mathematics. And There's Pie!10 pi facts for the most irrational Pi Day of your lifeExploratorium's Pi Day siteA Day In The Life Of Pi

Links! Libraries, Books, Writers, & SuchlikeBanned books from Waldo to wild thingsMarch 14, 1887: Sylvia Beach, bookstore owner and publisher of Ulysses, is bornNet & TechSecret Treaties: Why I'm Against the TPPWhat Net Neutrality Means for Digital Inequality and SchoolsPublic Knowledge Raises Significant Concerns with Data Breach Draft BillGoogle wants to rank websites based on facts not linksHow the Photocopier Changed the Way We Worked—and PlayedHere’s wh…

Terry Pratchett

I'm sure it's not news to anyone by now that Terry Pratchett has died. When I found out yesterday, I put my computer away and spent the rest of the day disconnected from everything except my little family here. I cried, and I took a nap, and I did a lot of reading. In fact, that's what I did most of today, too, until Swicky accidentally broke one of my favorite coffee mugs and I had to go online to order a replacement. I figured, while I was online, I might as well write up my thoughts on the death of one of my very favorite authors.

I don't remember who handed my my first Terry Pratchett novel. It may have been my uncle, who had a large collection of fantasy and sci-fi books in his apartment. It may have been a librarian - I had a tendency to pester them for books they didn't believe I was old enough to read yet. It may have been my mother, with whom the Discworld was a shared land to escape to while doing dishes or sitting out in the yard.

The first one I read wa…

Just Links...

Libraries, Books, Writers, & SuchlikeNo Due Date: Books of The People’s Library "Do you remember the OWS Library books?"March 11, 1818: Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus is published.Science & HealthThis world-first bionic heart works without a pulseLarge Study Concludes Homeopathy Does Not Effectively Treat Any Health ConditionTylenol maker to pay $25 million for selling metal-contaminated drugsInternationalBoko Haram child captives 'forgot names'Other (Serious Stuff)Cookie-Cutter ALEC Right-to-Work Bills Pop in Multiple States "RTW laws require unions to provide the same representation and workplace services to all workers in a workplace but make contributing to the cost of that representation optional. They lead to smaller, weaker unions and lower worker wages and benefits."Arizona Senate Gives Initial Approval to Bill Blocking any New Federal Gun ControlOther (Fun Stuff)You Can Now Play Cards Against Humanity Online With Anyone For F…

Real Threats to American Way of Life

How I feel right now:

Yesterday I mentioned in the links an open letter sent to Iran by 47 Republican senators. The letter stated that any deal Iran made with the U.S. under the Obama administration should be considered only temporary, with no lasting value after our current president leaves office.

Now, just to be perfectly clear, I am not a Democrat. I am also not a Republican. I tend to disagree very strongly with points in both parties, and while I despise several Republican lawmakers, I am not a die-hard, "Obama is awesome" fan. I don't like his privacy policies, for instance, and I'm upset that we haven't closed Gitmo yet. I may not agree with his intended deal with Iran, even (I'm undecided, right now).

What these senators have done with this open letter, though, is more than political bickering. It undermines the office of the President - after all, if the actions of this president's administration counts for next to nothing, why would the actions…