Metal Art

Yesterday, we got to have dinner with my parents - Hi, Parental Units!

It was lovely.

MP brought them a couple pieces he'd made for them, and I grabbed some pictures before they took them away.

For my Mother Unit:


For my Father Unit:


The little saw is so cute! Also, surprisingly sharp.


MP has some talent, hey?

In other news, tomorrow in April Fools' Day. I won't be playing any pranks - but some people have apparently gotten started early, so: An updated (and depressing) list of all the April Fool’s pranks on the Internet Be careful, y'all! Also, the Google Maps Ms. PacMan is harder than I thought it'd be...

  • Library Land
    • Top 10 things to know (and do) about saving library funding  "The talk of Washington and the library community (when people aren’t talking about the President’s tweets, anyway) is the recent recommendation by the President to completely eliminate funding for the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), including their library funding implementing the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) and the Innovative Approaches to Literacy program within the Department of Education. Here are the top ten things that you need to know about saving IMLS and more than $210 million in annual federal library funding that will be going on all year."
    •  ALA and ACRL join higher education, library groups to urge FCC and Congress to uphold net neutrality "The groups signing today’s letter support the FCC’s February 2015 Order and believe that it has served the interests of consumers, broadband providers, libraries, and higher education. In addition they note that the process to get to this point produced unprecedented public support for strong net neutrality protections: the rulemaking process that led to the 2015 Order generated the greatest number of public comments in the agency’s history, which were overwhelmingly pro-net neutrality. And the ruling was subsequently affirmed by a federal appeals court. The proposed principles call upon the FCC to ban blocking, degradation, and 'paid prioritization'; ensure that the same rules apply to fixed and mobile broadband providers; promote greater transparency of broadband services; and prevent providers from treating similar customers in significantly different ways."
    • President Trump vs. Big Bird "The humanities do not immunize a society from cruelty and overreaction; early-20th-century Germany proves that. But on balance, the arts humanize us and promote empathy. We need that now more than ever." 
    • Long-Lost Letters from Suffrage Pioneers Discovered  "The collection includes 26 letters from Susan B. Anthony and 10 from Elizabeth Cady Stanton written to advocate, abolitionist and lecturer, Isabella Beecher Hooker (the half-sister of Harriet Beecher Stowe). What makes these artifacts so unique is that they are political, not personal. They provide a unique look into the behind-the-scenes, day-to-day maneuvering, by both key players and lesser-known suffragists, that went into securing women the right to vote."
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