The Worst Game of Hide and Seek

“We cannot find the bill": inside the frantic hunt for the GOP Obamacare replacement 

The healthcare bill planned to replace the ACA is hidden somewhere, and only certain people are allowed to see it. Even they aren't allowed to have an actual copy. Legislators from both sides of the aisle are wandering around trying to find it and running into locked doors and people politely yet firmly turning them away. 

Why would the bill be literally hidden away? 

 U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone has a likely explanation:
Pallone said he was pushing to get a copy of the most recent draft of the bill because he had heard Walden intends to have the committee vote on it next Wednesday — that timeline wouldn't give the Democrats and the public much time to analyze the legislation.

He compared what the Republicans are doing this week to what the Democrats did with their draft of the Affordable Care Act several years ago; Democrats posted the text of the ACA online 30 days before it went to members for a vote.

"The reason why Republicans were able to comment on the ACA — and of course many of them commented negatively — was because the bill was out there," Pallone said. [Source]

That right - after a previous version was leaked and met a great deal of resistance (because it's terrible), certain special GOP people have decided the bill they plan to vote on next week should be locked away so no one can read it and provide informed criticisms beforehand. That is in direct contrast to the handling of the ACA, which was posted online for a full month so that everyone - Congressmen and regular ol' citizens alike - could see what was being considered before it was voted on.

So much for government Of the People, By the People, For the People...

Here, you probably need a pretty picture:



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