Net Neutrality Update

It will be interesting to see how the FCC deals with net neutrality, given that over 99% of the comments sent in during the open comment period - which, if you'll remember, was extended because so many people had something to say - are pro-net neutrality! Less than 1% of the comments opposed net neutrality; I hope the FCC realizes that most of us want desperately to keep it safe!

And not just users like you and me; not just librarians and teachers, either. Major tech companies - including Mozilla, Reddit, and KickStarter - are planning a "'go slow' day" to protest efforts to create "fast lanes" which actually mean slowing down the Internet for those who can't or aren't willing to pay extra for the access we now enjoy equally. (Related: Top web companies join Internet Slowdown protest for net neutrality and Etsy CEO to Businesses: If Net Neutrality Perishes, We Will Too)

Sept. 10th is the Internet Slowdown - Be part of it!


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