Tic Toc Melty Clocks...

Tonight, for dinner, we tried out a place we'd seen and wanted to go to for a while now - Tic Toc Cafe. What drew me was - well, here, I'll show you:

I love Dali!

Check out the motto - Awesome!

I'm sorry the pictures are so terrible - it was late, and I took the shots on the fly. But the cafe itself was great! They're open 24 hours, and they serve breakfast all day long. How great is that?! The food was awesome, the service was great. False advertising FTW!

Afterwards, DH and I sent the kids to get ready for bed and decided to take a walk. We didn't get four houses down the street before a big yellow dog came after us. We crossed the street and it followed us, barking and generally acting hostile. We backed off and went home, where I called the emergency on-call animal control officer. I do not like big dogs coming after me. I don't know if they came and got the dog, or whether the neighbors will hate us now, but - I really don't like big dogs coming after me. I did not get a picture of the dog.


  • I am really looking forward to reading The Tropic of Serpents. Marie Brennan's first novel in this series, A Natural History of Dragons, was amazing!
  • Twitter has been blocked in Turkey - sort of. Many users have already found ways around the block. Still, the attempt of a government to restrict access to social media and potentially other avenues of information gathering and democratic conversation (they are threatening to block YouTube and Facebook, as well) is alarming. 
  • I have never wanted to be English more in my life. That's a lie - I have always wanted to be English so bad... If you are lucky enough to live in the U.K., enter to win two tickets for Airlander's maiden flight! Then fly me over to be your guest with that second ticket. 

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