Halloween!! Hooray!!

It's all about Halloween, baby!!

I worked today. You think that stopped me from dressing up?

It did not.

(DH says it's a good thing I have the hat - otherwise, no one would know I was in costume. C'mon, I don't dress like this every day. Maybe every other...)

Google's in on it, of course, with a frightfully cute set of Doodles My favorite?

I took the kids trick-or-treating tonight, of course. They ran into a little trouble.

They had a lot of fun, and brought home a lot of candy! Then we had dinner - hot dog octopuses, asparagus spears, and grapes - with a Halloween cookie cake for dessert. Fun times!

Halloween Links!

Just so everyone knows, I've already got three costume ideas for next year, and I can't decide which I'll pick. Although, one might require I learn to play the fiddle over the next few months...Oh, man, and I'm running out of time!!


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