The Madness Begins...

I'm a big fan of Halloween! What's not to love? You get to dress up in costume and eat lots of candy! (And, no, you're never too old.)

The kids had their first Halloween party of the year tonight, so I get to show off their costumes.

The party itself was pretty cool. The kids played Make a Mummy:

See the little girl in the pink dress? That's Swicky's new friend. See the kid with her, completely wrapped up? That's Swicky.

See Coconut? No. That's because he wasn't interested in playing Make a Mummy. He was too busy playing football with the big boys.

After that, they all went in and watched Hotel Transylvania and ate popcorn. They also got treat bags full of stickers, pencils, and candy to bring home.

All in all, a good night.

Next up: Trunk or Treat!


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