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Well, I've decided to change my blog again. I haven't even done my first book review of the year, but I think I'm going back to posting links to news articles. In large part, this is because I'm tired of Facebook and backing out slowly - I don't know that I'll leave entirely, but I think I'll be less active there. Having a blog post of the news stories I find important to share that only posts once a day will also give me the time and ability to choose carefully, as well as to arrange by subject. It also gives me the opportunity to post once a day, rather than scattershot throughout the day, and gives others the chance to ignore me completely on Facebook or to see what I'm saying if they're not on Facebook.

Hopefully, it will also cut down on troll fights, because trolls are terrible.

In addition to my news posts and occasional book reviews, I'll post my Little Peaces and other pictures I take - so feel free, too, to just look at the pretty pictures and ignore the rest. So, first up: Have a couple pretty pictures!

Salt 1

Salt 2

Now, let's get to it - Links!
  • Library Land
    • Who isn't stressed these days? Coloring is one of my favorite de-stressers, and Newberry Library is letting you color their collection! I particularly recommend Illustration of a sea monster. (Or maybe I just wish I had my own sea monster to eat a few trolls...) 
    • Want a reading list I love? Here you go, then: 9 Literary Mythical Creatures (and Where to Find Them) I've not read all of them - but the ones I've not read are going on my TBR mountain. 
    • Niiiiice: Open Access eBooks on JSTOR
    • ALA denounces recent FCC Lifeline revocations, report retractions
      On February 3, 2017, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) revoked all of the designations of Lifeline Broadband Providers and ordered the retraction of multiple reports, including the “E-rate Modernization Progress Report” and “Improving the Nation’s Digital Infrastructure.”

      The American Library Association (ALA) is dismayed by these actions to reduce digital opportunity and revise the public record....
      This seems like a good time to remind everyone, limited Internet access has terrible consequences for children's education
    • You know what else has terrible consequences for children's education? Banning books - particularly ones specifically written to teach moral behavior. Jay High bans book from Celebrate Literacy Week
      "I'm naturally sorry that 'Gutless' was pulled," [author Carl] Deuker said. "In context, 'Gutless' is moral to the core - maybe to the point of being too preachy. The characters that abuse power are, by the last page, revealed as moral cowards - despicable people. The main character learns through the course of the novel that developing the moral courage to stand up to evil is essential, far more important than physical courage on an athletic field. The teachers would have used the book to take on the topics of bullying and abuse of power.
      "A part of me does, I'll admit, sympathize with parents. They want to keep their children young and innocent - fourth-graders for life. But Peter Pan and Wendy aren't real. Their junior high 'children' are no longer children, but are now young adults. Reading 'Gutless' would have been good for them."
    • Federal Court Rules Against Public.Resource.Org, Says Public Safety Laws Can Be Locked Behind Paywalls "Everyone should be able to read the law, discuss it, and share it with others, without having to pay a toll or sign a contract. Seems obvious, right? Unfortunately, a federal district court has said otherwise, ruling that private organizations can use copyright to control access to huge portions of our state and federal laws. The court ordered Public.Resource.Org to stop providing public access to these key legal rules."

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