Happy Easter!

First, Swicky and Coconut all dressed up!

Aren't they beautiful? The flowers were to flower the cross at church today.

Speaking of which, I've got lots of pretty flowers blooming right now:

 The nifty orange and yellow flower is from my candy corn vine, which I have the most hope of keeping alive - it's apparently a hardy plant. It would need to be - I do not have a green thumb. The pink and purple flowers were planted by my friend Jop when she lived here - they must also be pretty hardy, as they've survived just fine. Or, more likely, my ignoring them entirely has given them the chance they needed to survive. The blue hydrangea looks a bit sad, but that's probably because I just planted it today, and it's not used to being out of its pot yet. Right? That's...that's a thing? My grandmother had a hydrangea that I loved - hers was white, and we called it the snowball bush. Hydrangeas are supposed to be pretty hardy, too.

I have no links for you today, but I hope you have a happy Easter, anyway!

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