I'm Back!

What do you mean, you didn't notice I was gone? I've been gone for almost two weeks!

Well, anyway, I'm back. Sheesh.

I, DH, Swicky, and Coconut went to Mountain Country, and stayed with my parents, affectionately known as Grammy and Grampy - or, most often, "Those People with the Cat Named Max, You Know, Those Guys, That Cat is Cool, When Can We Get a Cat?"

"Yeah, Those Guys!"

I had several thoughts.
  • I miss my folks. I don't see them often enough.
  • Fourteen hours of driving is not as much fun as you'd think.
  • I miss the mountains. They're really pretty. And forests - not a lot of forests around here.
  • I do not miss the cold. Where can I find mountains and forests and 90°F temperatures? I'm moving there. Wait, it must also have good Internet.
When we got home, we dove into the real summer preparations - we put up the hammock and filled up the pool:

Oh, we also gave the kids their Easter present a bit early. They got a tent.

They love it. Last night, they camped out in the backyard. I was a nervous wreck, I don't know why - it's a fenced yard, in a safe neighborhood, and I can see (and hear) them from my bedroom window. I guess it's just what moms do? Anyway, they had fun and can't wait to do it again; but they'll have to, since it's raining now and I'm not sending them out to sleep in the rain, even if it is in a tent.


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