Net Neutrality Scheduled for Execution

That seems overly dramatic, doesn't it?

It isn't.

I have written on net neutrality before, and if you aren't sure what it is or why you should care, go read my post.

Got it? Great. In a nutshell, net neutrality protects our rights to intellectual freedom and information access; if the FCC ends net neutrality (as it currently intends to do), then these rights - your rights - become commodities, for Comcast, Cox, and other ISPs to buy, sell, and profit from.

If you do nothing else today, contact Chairman Tom Wheeler and the rest of the FCC and let them know how much those rights mean to you.

  • I posted a new book review. Go look.
  • Visiting libraries makes us as happy as a £1,359 pay rise: (That's about $2,000.) Wow! I'd like to see a matching U.S. study.
  • A friend turned me on to Neil and Heather Simone's artwork recently. I love it! Neil's work is quiet, gorgeous surrealism. Heather's work is bright, simple, and beautiful. 
  • Speaking of great art, Warhol works recovered from old Amiga disks. This highlights an important issue in preservation, though. It's easy enough to hang on to old physical formats - we have stone and clay tablets from thousands of years ago. But digital formats seem to be changing more rapidly than physical formats, and they're harder to access over time. Just one more thing to consider, as more places move to digitization of print resources. 
  • And speaking of losing information, Pluto Mail looks interesting. On the bright side, you can unsend emails you regret sending, or fix errors before your recipient sees them. That's nice. But I can see this being used for some nefarious purposes, as well. For instance, bullies could send emails, wait until the recipient reads (and is hurt by) them, then yank them back before they get in trouble. I suppose we'll need to teach our kids to print out or screenshot emails they really need to keep. 

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