How Many Times Do We Have to Say This??

Uh-oh...CISPA is back...

We've repeatedly told Congress that we don't want the NSA spying on us, but they apparently aren't listening.

I suppose we just need to tell them again! Protect your privacy!

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  • International
    • Mozambique links contaminated beer deaths to crocodile bile "The victims of the suspected poisoning were attending the funeral of a newborn baby in the Chitima district near the Cahora Bassa lake, Albertini told Radio Mozambique.  The child’s mother, who brewed the pombe, was among the dead....Officials believe the beer must have been poisoned while the mourners were at the cemetery." 
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    • 9-year-old boy arrested in Post Falls "...Haug says the warrant was issued because it was the second time the 9 year old missed his day in court.  What was the original charge? Stealing a pack of gum." You have got to be kidding me...

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