Stop Messing With My Daydreams, Man!

Every once in a while, I think about going back to school. Not too often - three or four times a day, that's all. Maybe more, sometimes. 

I'd like to get my PhD, and after spending some time lackadaisically fooling around online, looking at various programs, I have a short list of schools I'd really consider applying to. 

One of those schools - really, it's pretty high on the list; could be number one - is University of Wisconsin-Madison's School of Library and Information Studies. Their program looks awesome - I particularly like the focus on information ethics, of course, although there are other areas that I'm also drawn to, like history of librarianship and book, print, and media studies. Anyway, I have spent an inordinate amount of time thinking about this school, and what do you mean it's in trouble?

Priorities, people.

How does the governor expect universities to run on fumes? Why, by not being so lazy, of course!

Someone needs to explain to this man exactly how hard professors already work. They teach classes (which means they also do a lot of work to keep up with their subjects, and plan courses, and help students), they do research (and spend a lot of time making sure that research is well done), and they write a lot. All three of those are full-time jobs for other people - and doesn't include committee meetings, service projects, and other faculty obligations they are required to fulfill. Professors aren't exactly slacking off!

In fact, not long ago, one anthropologist did some research, and found that the faculty members participating in his study were averaging 61 hours per week of work. I'm not the only one who thinks Walker is crazy: UW System chief says Walker out of touch.

Jorge Cham /
From “Piled Higher and Deeper (PhD),” the higher ed comic strip from Jorge Cham.

Anyway, I suppose I'll just have to keep an eye on what's going on there, and maybe start looking a little harder at the other schools on my list. Maybe they're better supported, by people who know the value of a good educational system.


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