Another Happy Day!

Today is World Book Day!

For fun, check out some awesome World Book Day costumes!

Some people are arguing over whether or not Frozen characters are appropriate - after all, Frozen is a movie, not a book! Well, that's only sort of true.

There are now books based on Frozen. Sure, it started out as a movie, but you'd be surprised how many kids see the movie, recognize the characters on the book cover, and then grab the book to read. Hey, any in will do! How do you get a kid excited about reading? Let them read what they're interested in reading! If that means reading a book based on a movie, great! After they finish reading Frozen, why not introduce them to retellings of  fairy tales, particularly those with great illustrations?

So, sure, bring on the Elsa and Anna costumes! Hooray for World Book Day!


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