The Snarkiest of the Snarky

I admit it - I'm snarky.

I always have been snarky. Even when I was little, I would very clearly state my disagreements with authority figures, letting them know exactly how and why I thought they were wrong. It covered everything from my reading abilities (most people doubted how well I could read, or that I could handle certain subjects or genres - they were wrong) to theological differences (I had no speechless awe for pastors or visiting evangelists). Sometimes - and this might be hard to believe - but, sometimes, I'd get a pinch of sarcasm mixed in with my logic.

In high school, I stayed snarky, but only in close circles. Mostly, I was quiet, and did a lot of reading, although snarky thoughts played through my mind pretty constantly. In college, I let more of it out. Some professors liked me, some didn't, and some warned others that I could be trouble. 

I know - shocking.

I'm afraid I have to admit, too, that I'm only getting snarkier as I get older. I am going to be one of "those" old ladies - the kind who not only aren't afraid to speak their minds but will snicker at you and make snide remarks as they do it. I have the appropriate look-over-the-glasses, and have mastered the one upraised eyebrow. I'll probably lose friends this way quite frequently. That's all right. I have my cat.

My cat knows how to cat. And he doesn't mind snarky comments.
My best friends tend to be snarky, too, actually, so I'll probably be just fine.


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