I Have a Crush...

So, in case you missed it, John Oliver had a talk with Edward Snowden regarding government mass surveillance and certain troubling sections of the USA PATRIOT Act that are set to expire. You should go see it, and then you'll know why we really, really want those sections to expire. Really, the whole thing is a mess.

And, actually, all you really need to know can be found at Can They See My Dick? Look, I didn't name it. But, yeah, that's how bad U.S. surveillance has gotten - they can totally see it. And I don't think any of us are happy about that.

All of that was very important, so I hope you were paying attention, even though some of you were probably offended by the style of humor. Now, back to my crush...I have a crush on Edward Snowden. It is DH-Approved - that is, DH is fine with me having a crush on Snowden, because Snowden is awesome. That is all.



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