Library Posters!

Every year, my library creates posters, using the National Library Week theme and photos of the people who work here.

Last year, I went steampunk and classy:

This year, I went with zany, fun sci-fi:

See Tesla reading down there? I was running with the idea that science fiction influences science fact. If we get kids hooked on science fiction when they're young, who knows what marvels they'll develop one day? careful handing them Oryx and Crake

Fun times!

I hope you're all celebrating National Library Week in the best ways possible! I hope you're going to the library and checking out all the best fiction to keep you entertained, picking up some nonfiction to learn something new you've been curious about, asking your librarians about library programs or resources you weren't aware existed, taking your little ones to really cool storytimes and such. Libraries are awesome! Learn more about the Unlimited Possibilities @Your Library



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