Actually, there are three traps today!            
  • On Your Privacy and Government Surveillance:
Senate Leaders Rush End-Run on Personal Privacy "Apparently Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr (R-NC) learned nothing from the overwhelming outpouring of opposition to the worst of the USA PATRIOT Act earlier this month. They're using the Senate Rules to try to ram through – as early as tomorrow – privacy-hostile legislation that’s received no public hearing or Senate floor debate as an amendment to a Department of Defense funding measure. The bill, innocuously dubbed the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act ('CISA'), would expose enormous amounts of your personal data to federal, state, and even local law enforcement … without a warrant. Along with many coalition partners, ALA strongly opposed CISA in a letter to Senate leaders last March."
More from the ALA: 
"We knew when the USA FREEDOM Act passed earlier this month that there would be much more work to do to pass more, badly needed surveillance law reforms. Courtesy of a stealth move by the Senate Majority Leader and Intelligence Committee Chair, however, our first efforts need to be NOW.
"Under cover of a bill claimed to simply permit internet, phone and other companies to share cybersecurity threat information with the government, they’re trying to authorize the NSA, CIA, FBI and many others to share vast amounts of your personal information with law enforcement agencies at every level of government with way too few controls and too little oversight.
"Worse, they’re trying to ram the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act ('CISA') through the Senate as early as this week without a single public hearing or real debate as an amendment to unrelated legislation. 
"STOP THEM NOW! Please, tell both of your Senators to VOTE NO on the ‘Burr Amendment’ to the defense authorization bill - or on any information sharing bill without full public hearings and Senate debate."  [Source and how to take action: ALA
Related: Playing Politics With Cybersecurity and Privacy  "So, what does the bill—dubbed the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act, or 'CISA'—do?...In short, it makes mincemeat of basic notions of due process. But that’s not all. This isn’t just a problem in the abstract for 'privacy.' It would actually make things less secure."
I thought we'd made it pretty clear - we don't want
government surveillance and invasion of our privacy...

  •  On TPP:
Send a message to your representative: Say No to Fast Track and the TPP "I am opposed to the Trans-Pacific Partnership because it would give corporations the power to decide our laws on everything from keeping the internet free to access to affordable medicines, undermine financial reform, destabilize job markets across the globe, and open up our local and national governments to corporate lawsuits. Please vote against Fast Track Authority that will eliminate your ability to amend and fix the TPP, and oppose the TPP itself."
Join the Internet Vote "Congress is voting this week on dangerous legislation to 'Fast Track' secret trade agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) that threaten free speech, innovation, and online privacy. Decisions that impact the future of the Internet should NEVER be made in secret. Contact your Representatives before it's too late!"
"One of the most controversial aspects of the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement is that it’s secret from the public. If the proponents of the agreement have their way, the text will still be secret from the public when the House votes on Fast Track trade negotiating authority, essentially a vote to pre-approve the agreement." Sign the petition to Congress: Use your power to publish the TPP  
Never sign a contract they won't let you read. Ever. It's never a good idea.

  • On Net Neutrality:
Your cable company doesn't want you to see this.
Related: Funding bill would block net neutrality until courts rule  


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