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    • Hiring: The First Librarian of Congress for the Internet Age "Though named by the president and confirmed by the Senate, the Librarian doesn’t change with every new White House. After being appointed, Librarians are free to serve as long as they want—that’s why there have been only 13 of them since 1802.  In other words, this will be the first time a new Librarian has been appointed since the invention of the web."
    • CBLDF Joins Coalition Defending The Kite Runner in North Carolina School District
    • Egypt Cracks Down on Street Art "In June 2010, about eight months before the Tahrir Square uprising, a 28-year-old Egyptian blogger named Khaled Said was arrested and beaten to death after he posted a damning video that allegedly showed police helping themselves to the spoils of a drug bust. In the tumultuous months that followed, Said’s face became a potent symbol of revolution as street artists stenciled it on walls throughout Cairo and other cities. But five years later, an article at Middle East Eye shows that this brand of art with a message has virtually disappeared from Egypt under a government crackdown."
    • Atena Farghadani’s Lawyer Also Under Arrest in Iran "Just a few weeks after Iranian artist and activist Atena Farghadani was sentenced to over 12 years in prison for drawing a cartoon of her country’s lawmakers, her defense lawyer Mohammad Moghimi has now been arrested as well. The alleged crime: shaking his client’s hand, which authorities say constitutes adultery." Related: Cartoonists #Draw4Atena 
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