Break Out the Catnip!

Today is International Cat Day! How awesome is that? Why doesn't Google have a Doodle for today? I just don't know, sometimes. But Simon's Cat has the perfect message, anyway:

Ranga has settled on a pretty consistent routine. He will spend a lot of the day wandering in and out of the house, meowing incessantly at any closed door. If you open said door, he may or may not come in - he just likes the doors open.

At some point after night-fall, he'll decide he's had enough of the outside world and follow me around the house. He doesn't want to be petted or anything - he just wants to be in whatever room I'm in, hoping I'll hand out treats. I'll give him some treats.

Sometimes, though, he's too lazy to follow me around, so he'll flop in the middle of the floor and meow until I enter the room he's in, at which point he'll just look at me. Does he want to go outside? No. Does he want to be petted? Most definitely not. He just wants me in the room, where he can keep an eye on me.

After I brush my teeth, I'll give him some dry food and fresh water. Then, I'll go to bed, and he'll curl up beside me somewhere that is too far away to pet him but close enough to make sleeping awkward for me. Sometime between 3 and 6 a.m., he'll start meowing to be let outside. Sometime around 8:30 a.m., he'll meow to come in again, and follow me around while I get him wet food, fresh water, and more treats. Then, he starts his daily wandering in and out.

He's got me pretty well trained, by now.

It's a good thing he's pretty. 

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Today is also National Twins Day, apparently, but I don't happen to have a twin. And, so far as I'm aware, there aren't shelters where you can go out and adopt a twin. Happy National Twins Day, if you have one, though! Call up your twin and tell them they're lucky to have you.


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