Save the Patron's Time, Already...

I feel weird today. I forgot my belt (purely aesthetic, as I'm wearing a dress and not pants, so no worries), my earrings, and my necklace. I feel under-dressed, although I'm literally the only person who notices. People don't often see much but hair and glasses, at this point.

Granted, it's a lot of hair. And this is the "tame" version!

I did get a lovely phone call from a patron I helped last week. He was very upset last time I talked to him, because state tax forms were not available in the library this year and he didn't know how to get hold of them. He had been given a phone number to call, but it hadn't worked. (I've gotten that complaint several times - there's something wrong with that number.) He didn't have Internet access at home, and didn't want to have to make a special trip to the library to sort this out, especially as he is elderly and disabled and going anywhere is an ordeal. So, over the phone, I got the information I needed to fill out an online form to have the tax forms mailed to his house.

It didn't take me long to resolve the issue, yet he had to go through three other people before he got hold of someone who would help him out. I realize librarians aren't paid to provide data entry for people over the phone - but, come on! It took less than two minutes to help this guy. If he'd called me at home on my day off, I'd have helped him out.

Anyway, he called today to say he'd gotten his forms, and he thought I was "marvelous." I am, of course, but it's sort of sad that something as small as filling out an online form seems above the baseline of human kindness and earns the moniker "marvelous."

Well, anyway, I'm happy I was able to help, even if it wasn't library-related.


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