In case you hadn't figured it out yet (hah!), I'm a firm believer in the power of literacy to make life better, for individuals singly and all of humanity together. It is a powerful tool for shaping the future, and one we need to get into the brains of every underprivileged kid in the U.S. and globally.

That's why I'm a huge fan of LitWorld! If you aren't familiar with them, I highly encourage you to read their story. They do amazing things, including providing solar lanterns to kids in developing nations to read by, bringing attention to the plight of uneducated girls worldwide (and highlighting the astounding power those same girls pour into their communities once they are educated), and World Read Aloud Day (WRAD).

It's WRAD that I want to focus on today, because it's coming up very, very soon - March 5! It is a day set aside to celebrate and bring awareness to the impact reading aloud and sharing stories has on our lives - and the potential literacy has to make the world a better place for us all.

Even though my children read on their own now, I still read to them at night. It is wonderful to connect over a story, as well as to talk together about issues that arise from the narrative, watching my kids grow into thoughtful little people. I remember taking turns reading aloud from books with my mother well into my teens - it was treasured time. Of course, reading aloud is very important for developing literacy skills, too - but I sincerely hope you all find time to read aloud for pure enjoyment, as well!

So, what will you be doing for World Read Aloud Day? I'll be reading to my kids, of course. They might get two chapters on March 5. And I think I'll have them read back to me, as well!


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