It's Presidents Day!

I don't really care except that, because the library is open today, it's become "Monday on Crack." It does, sadly, mean a lot of people calling to ask if we're open. It's also Random Acts of Kindness Day, and since I haven't been answering that inane question with, "Why, no, we're closed - I like to sit here on my days off and answer phones, just for the hell of it," I think I've met my holiday obligations, yes? If not, then does it count that I didn't snap when someone called to ask why the mail hadn't been delivered, and if I could fix that? It's also, apparently, National Cafe au Lait Day, and, by Jove, I've drunk a ton of that in celebration, or an attempt to wake up and be sociable, whichever. Both? Both.

All the best holiday information comes from Holiday Doodles, by the way.


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