It's Mardi Gras Season! Also, Star Trek Trivia?

Actual conversation I just had with DH:

DH: "I had a thought...What was Wesley's first name?"
Me: "Uh...'Wesley.'"
DH: "His first name?"
Me: "Yeah,  it's 'Wesley.'"
DH: "Wait, what was his whole name?"
Me: "'Wesley Crusher.'"
DH: "Um, no, the Methodist Wesley."

Quiz time! Which Wesley said,
"Where women are concerned, I am in complete control"?

Yeah, that happened.

In other news, I took Swicky and Coconut to the Krewe of Little Rascals parade today. They loved it. They got a ton of beads, a couple cups each, some candy. It was fun. I love living just a couple blocks from the parade route! I did end up pushing a kid - he was a bigger kid, and he kept swatting stuff out of Swicky's reach. There was one float in particular that was giving out cups. Swicky kept trying to get one, and the lady throwing kept dropping them towards her - four or five of them - but this one group of bigger boys kept swatting them away and grabbing them. They each had a bag full of cups - the one I pushed must have had fifteen or twenty of them. He, like the six or so others, had been following alongside the float, literally taking cups out of the hands of littler kids. Coconut was swift, so he had no problems, but Swicky wasn't as lucky. The next time the lady dropped one to Swicky, though, she caught my eye first and nodded. When the boy swatted it, I pushed him to the side and grabbed the cup before he could. He tried to swat it out of my hands, but I kept hold of it. I like parades, and I don't mind all the grabbing for stuff, but I can't stand bigger kids bullying little ones out of prizes. But, really, other than that one group of boys, the parade was great and everyone was nice.

I kind of felt bad for pushing a kid - but, given we were about the same size, not too bad.

Since it was Little Rascals, all the goods went to the kids; next time, I'm grabbing some for myself! And I promise to only push adults.


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