My Favorite Little Punk

Coconut decided he wanted to be a punk (his words, even) and asked us to give him a mohawk. Cutest little punk ever! I couldn't be prouder. I'm considering dying his mohawk green for Mardi Gras. 

He's also the sweetest little punk ever. I took him with me today to get Valentine's stuff for the kids. I let him pick out some stuff for himself, but he was much more interested in looking for stuff for his sister and for me. While we were going through the line, a guy asked if he could have a single pack from the box of Fun Dip we were getting - he was supposed to get one, and couldn't find them, and didn't want to go back through the store. I asked Coconut, since it was his candy, and he said, "Sure!" What a sweetheart.

Here's my Thursday Throwback picture - me, in college, with my own head buzzed. 


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