I Am So In Love....

Guys, I'm not even joking.

Everyone knows I love coffee. Tea is good, too, and I drink almost the same amount of tea as coffee, now that I've cut down to one cup of Coke a day. But coffee is my first and greatest love, drink-wise.

I started drinking coffee at around age three. Not lying, ask my mom. I gave my kids their first cups of coffee at about age three, as well. Swicky- well, she's a tea drinker. That's okay - I don't judge her (out loud); I just make her a cup of tea. Coconut, on the other hand, is a coffee drinker, too. He takes it half-coffee/half-milk, with a teaspoon of sugar - so, candied up. That's okay, too - we all start somewhere.

I had three coffeemakers - a full-size electric drip and an old-fashioned stove top percolator at home, and a single-cup electric drip at work. The kids managed to break the glass carafe of the electric drip at home, and a small but vital piece of the stove top percolator got lost. Seriously, now, how am I supposed to live with one coffeemaker? I can't lug it back and forth to work every day. So, I decided to get a new coffeemaker for home.

I thought I'd try something new. Reddit users for a very long time have raved about various coffeemakers, and few of them are electric drip fans. Lots love the AeroPress, so I thought I'd try it.

Yep, it's awesome. Best coffee I've made at home, and every bit as good as coffeehouse coffee. So very much in love. Seriously, come over and try a cup.


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