Die, Already! Sheesh!

That's right: Senate GOP whip hopes to act on cyber bill in early August.

What you need to know:

  • CISPA is Back! "CIS(P)A is coming back soon for the fifth time. And this time Obama says he’ll sign it." Obama, no!! "The bill gives legal immunity to companies that share personal data with the government in the name of cyber security. In reality, the government would use the data they receive under the bill in a scheme to justify warrantless mass surveillance of domestic Internet traffic. It’s purely a surveillance bill -- nothing in it is actually designed to improve security.  The NSA and members of Congress want to pass CISA so badly, they’re using the recent hack of the Office of Personnel Management as justification for bringing this back up and rushing it through. In reality, the OPM hack just shows that the government is not a good steward of sensitive data. The truth is that CISA could not have prevented the OPM hack, and no Senator could explain how it could have. Congress and the NSA are using irrational hysteria to try to end privacy on the Internet."
  • What ever it is, CISA isn't cybersecurity "This is a bad police-state thing. It will do little to prevent attacks, but do a lot to increase mass surveillance.[...] Private industry already has exactly the information sharing the bill proposes, and it doesn't prevent cyber attacks as CISA claims. On the other side, because of the false-positive problem, CISA does far more to invade privacy than even privacy advocates realize, doing a form of mass surveillance. Even if it could work and privacy could be protected, CISA creates a corrupt system for the politically connected. This is a typical bad police state bill, and not one that anybody should take seriously as something that would stop hackers."
  • Stop the "Cyber" Bills "Don't let Congress fool you: cybersecurity bills aren't about 'information sharing,' they're about surveillance.[...] Last year, tens of thousands of concerned individuals spoke out against overbroad and ineffective cybersecurity proposals. Together, we substantially changed the debate around cybersecurity in the U.S. Say no to the cybersecurity surveillance bills today."



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