Happy Birthday, Ida!

Today's Google Doodle celebrates Ida B. Wells' 153rd birthday! She was a fierce journalist and civil rights activist. Learn more about this amazing woman: Fearless Journalist And All-Round Badass Ida B. Wells Honored With Google Doodle and Free Speech and Headlight.

  • Libraries, Books, Writers, & Suchlike
    • Dreaming about School Libraries 
    • Everything Science Knows About Reading On Screens Very interesting! 
    • The Gutenberg Bible turns a new page "The Ransom Center’s two-volume Gutenberg Bible is on permanent display in the lobby. Every three months the Center’s staff changes which page of the Bible is displayed, allowing us to share different pages with our visitors, and also protect the volumes from over exposure to light, stress on their bindings, and other preservation concerns. The process of turning the Gutenberg’s pages involves staff of the conservation department, exhibition services, the curator, and of course campus security. Each time we select a new opening we look for some unique or exemplary feature that will reveal the history of our copy or some unique feature absent from the other known copies of the Bible."
    • July 16, 1951: Catcher in the Rye is published 
    • All You Can Read Unless You Read a Lot "Scribd pays publishers after a certain amount of a book is read. Since romance novels are the book equivalent of cotton candy, their diehard readers consume a lot of them, so much so that the company has been losing money. Thus, the irony that a service that is supposedly 'all you can read' can only survive if people don’t read very much or they charge a high enough price that nobody would want the service anyway.[...] When titles are really popular, public libraries often buy several copies. By removing popular books, Scribd is like the anti-library."
  • Health & Science
    • Why Do Cats Purr? 
    • Pluto revealed Related: Pluto – Predicted! "Every so often, an astronomical artist gets lucky. As the New Horizons spaceprobe closes on minor planet Pluto after its nine-year voyage, I'm astounded by how close I came to accurately depicting  Pluto in 1979."
  • Religious 
    • When America Went To Hell "Across the country revival was on, churches grew, conversions multiplied. People got saved, praised Jesus, and talked about heaven. Then they went to hell.[...] Millions had 'accepted Jesus' and shouted hosanna, but they did not know the things that make for peace. They prayed a sinner's prayer, 'got right with God,' and kept their slaves. They had a faith that would justify the sinner while bringing no justice to the slave. They had faith that gave them a ticket to heaven…and a highway to hell." 
    • 11 things I love about the Episcopal Church I didn't write it, but I feel it, all the same.
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