Geaux Bernie!

Tonight, DH and I attended the Bernie Sanders rally in Kenner, just outside New Orleans and not more than a 15 minute drive from our house.Seriously, we spent more time waiting in line to get in to the Pontchartrain Center than we did driving there!

It was great! He spoke about income inequality, the need for paid family and medical leave, destructive trade policies, the Citizens United travesty, and much more. Sure, there are things I disagree with him on - er, at least one, anyway - but he's saner than any other candidate out there right now, and, moreover, I trust him to try to accomplish the goals he's set out. He has shown time and again, through his fundraising efforts, his voting record, and his rational approach to finding solutions, that he actually cares about the American people.

Anyway, my pictures were all pretty terrible, but I found a better one from someone else:

Anyway! I'm glad I went. If you're still not sure who you're voting for, I recommend taking the iSideWith Presidential quiz. It's very thorough, and will show you which party (including many more than the traditional two) and candidate you share most in common with, politically.


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    • The Mixed-Up Brothers of Bogotá "After a hospital error, two pairs of Colombian identical twins were raised as two pairs of fraternal twins. This is the story of how they found one another — and of what happened next." Wow! 
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    • The other exciting thing today needs a bit of a story. So, we were shopping - getting groceries for the week - and, as I was walking past the apples, something caught my eye. Now, normally, apples don't catch my eye. I don't much care for apples, except Granny Smith apples; and even those are usually covered with peanut butter or drowned in caramel when I eat them. But these apples were different. They were in a tube. See:

      Anyway, I had to see why they were in a tube.

      On the tube, it mentioned Rockit apples were award winning and from New Zealand, and I laughed and laughed and took them to show Michael. "Look at these crazy apples! They're award winning! We have to get them." I fully expected them to taste like, well, every other apple out there.

      They were delicious. I was never so happy to be wrong. They were sweet and crisp and everything I always wanted an apple to be. I could eat an apple a day if they were all like these. Go find these crazy apples. They are worth it.


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