OPERATION: Fax Big Brother

Despite repeated public outcry against CISA/CISPA, Congress just won't let it die! The argument is that spying on the American citizenry's Internet activity, gathering and going through your private information, will keep the nation safer - but, according to security experts, that's just not true. Moreover, we've seen time and again that the NSA, the FBI, and other intelligence-gathering agencies will take and abuse such powers for domestic surveillance rather than cybersecurity. Do you remember how hard we fought to let Section 215 of the Patriot Act die? CISA is how intelligence agencies plan to get those broad powers back, so they can continue to spy on the American people.

Congress isn't listening to our emails and online petitions; Congress isn't listening to technologists and security experts, either. Maybe the problem is that they don't understand our newfangled contraptions - so let's use older technology. Let's fax them letters, explaining how much we value our privacy, and how wrong it is to ignore the American people's demand that we not be spied on by our own government! Intelligence agencies need to work on actually safeguarding our nation - not undermining our freedoms. Join OPERATION: Fax Big Brother!

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