Believe it or Not, I'm not a Democrat

I'm not. I'm not a Republican, either. I don't like either party completely, although there are points of both I agree with. And points I vehemently disagree with, as well.

But, seriously, the Republican party has been acting really, really weird lately:
    • House Republicans successfully ban funding for canceled White House renovation, so take that, Obama I'm confused. There were plans to renovate the bowling alley, and Obama nixed those plans - so House Republicans then banned funding for...the plans that Obama had already cancelled...and are wanting to spin it that they saved us taxpayers the unnecessary expense? How much money did they waste doing that?? Couldn't they have been doing something, I don't know, productive during that time?? 
    • There was also this: Arizona Politician Mistakes Y Campers for Migrant Children He said he could see the "fear" on the kids' faces - kids, that is, who were actually, in real life, excited little scamps headed to camp. Either the guy can't recognize human emotion, or he was determining what to say not by factual observance but by political expediency. Or, I suppose, both. 
    • Remember when Rep. Renee Ellmers urged men to bring policy ‘down to a woman’s level’? Well, now she wants to put that statement in context. It''s not any better, really. 
    • Strangely enough, Liz Cheney (Dick's daughter) says that it's the Democrats who are "paternalistic" towards women: “The idea that you’re going to say to a woman, ‘Let me talk to you about some woman’s issues, and you must feel this way about this issue or that way about that issue because you’re a woman.’ ” Ms. Cheney said. “As a woman, I find that really offensive. I think it’s really paternalistic, and I think it’s not going to serve Democrats well in the long run.” Yes, that sounds nothing like the Republicans...
Now, again, I'm not a Democrat. I'm something else - neither party claims my loyalty. I'm the kind of person, that is, the parties should be concerned about - my vote could go either way. But these shenanigans (and so many others in the same vein) are why I, solidly Gen X, fully understand why Millennials don’t like either party, but view Democrats as the better of two bad options. I mean, at this point, the Democrats could just sit back and say, "Yeah, but at least we ain't those guys. They're crazy!"


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