My online book club, Under the Covers, is finishing up the current book for discussion tomorrow. It's a pretty big book, although it's about junior high level reading. (Here Be Monsters! by Alan Snow.)

Yesterday, I got up and started another book (Monstrous Regiment, continuing my Discworld journey). I felt great about Here Be Monsters! and I highly recommend the book. Especially if you like Roald Dahl or Lemony Snicket. (There's a movie based on the book, called The Boxtrolls, coming out in September, and it really could be awesome. We'll see.)

Today, I was thinking about the story, and realized I couldn't quite remember the end. In fact, I'm not at all sure how it ends. Hmmm, I thought. That's weird. So I picked up the book again.

Yeah, I'd just dreamed I'd finished it.

It''s not the first time I've done this. (Occasionally, I think my endings are better than the author's. But usually not.)


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