I'm Back...

Sorry I've been absent, guys. Stupid migraine...

First of all - Hey FCC, Let's Talk About Net Neutrality! "FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler wants to allow discrimination online — even though millions of people have told the FCC to protect real Net Neutrality.  The agency will vote on the chairman's plan by the end of the year, and we need to be sure the FCC is listening to the people it's supposed to represent.  It's been more than five years since all five FCC commissioners have left Washington in an official capacity to hear from real people. We need them to visit our communities for public hearings on Wheeler’s proposal.  Help Us Break the FCC Out of the Washington Bubble. Invite the FCC to Your Community!"

Next, I apparently missed some stuff while I was mostly unconscious. I'll try not to overload you with links. No promises, though.



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