The Five Books You MUST Read This Summer!!! (And Every Summer!!!)

This is it, guys - the post you've been waiting for! Even if - especially if - you didn't realize it! Here is the definitive list of books that must be read every summer! That's right - one list, for now and forever, so you don't need to read any of the other myriad "Go read this now!" lists that come out every week throughout the season. 

  1. That new book you've been hearing great things about.  Yep, that one. Every time someone mentions it, you think, "Wow, that sounds good. I should really get a copy of that." Yes, you should.
  2. That one book you've been meaning to read for years. It's sitting on your shelf/desk/floor. It has been for a while. Every once in a while, you look at it and think, "I'm going to read it one day." Today's that day.
  3. That book you read every year. You're going to anyway. And you know you're going to love it. You've loved it to pieces. Literally. You're on your fifth copy. 
  4. That book that is in the news for being banned. Or is otherwise controversial. Because, when you inevitably get drawn into the conversation on it, you want to know what you're talking about, not just rely on what you've heard from others. Gossip is bad for people and books.
  5. That book your best friend loved and can't quit talking about. Because who wants to fangirl alone? That's what best friends are for!
  6. Parents-Only Bonus! That book your kid is reading for school. Because it'll give you something to talk about with your kid, and isn't that awesome? (Note: This counts twice as much if it's also #4!)


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