A =/= ~A. Ever.

Recently, Swicky took (not for credit) her father's Symbolic Logic course. She did really well - in the top of her class, actually, which was probably uncomfortable for students more than a decade older than she. Ah, well. Still, the concepts have somewhat infected the rest of her life. We were discussing my current status as "zombie," which the kids just love.

Me, NOT getting ready to eat someone's brains. Really
Well, I protested that I was not a zombie, and Swicky said I was merely undead. Of course, I said - that's pretty much the opposite of dead. Ah, she replied, but I was dead AND undead. No, I answered - I couldn't be A and not A. She countered that she and Coconut could make A and not A if they tried hard enough. I told her that would make the universe collapse, like dividing by zero. Her response was that dividing by zero would not make the universe collapse, it would just create errors, and she was more than happy to show me using the calculator app on her phone. I declined.

I'm not sure why making A and not A is allowable in her imagination, but collapsing the universe by dividing by zero is logically impossible.  Maybe I need to take Michael's class to figure that out.


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