Net Neutrality is Dead (But We Can Bring It Back...)

I told you yesterday that it was too early to celebrate.

*Please tell me we don't have to wait for the zombie apocalypse...

If you've known me for longer than five minutes, you know I care a great deal about intellectual freedom and information access, and that includes Internet freedoms and access. Net neutrality is a huge deal for me.

So, first you need to know what net neutrality is. You can watch a video, if you like. I highly recommend it - it's very thorough in its explanation, and the graphics help visualize the concepts well. If you'd rather read about it, Common Cause has a great fact sheet; Greenlining Institute's 2012 booklet is longer, but excellent. There is also an infographic that gets to the heart of it all well, and provides links to more information.

Great, now you know what net neutrality is, and - if you're a) sane and b) not an ISP, you want to keep the Internet free. Well, that's not looking good right now. A federal appeals court has struck down key elements of the FCC's "open Internet" (net neutrality) rules, giving your ISP the power to charge for content and to block content it deems unacceptable. You can learn more about the ruling. And there's Michael Hiltzik's article in the Los Angeles Times, which is spectacular.You can also check out the American Library Association's reaction. (Hint: we like net neutrality. A lot. We are sort of in love with the ideal of people who need information getting that information.)

But it's not the end of the road, folks. We can still bring net neutrality back to life. We can rebuild it. We have the technology. We can make it better than... Wait, that sounds familiar...

Let's try this again:
Even more information from Wired! Just click the image.


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