Painting the Town...No, Wait, Not the Town...

Today was awesome! I got up, took a shower, put my pajamas back on, and - well, that's been my day. Awesome! We also watched Sherlock, and I got copies of 12 Years a Slave and Pacific Rim to watch, but we haven't watched those yet. Coconut was entertaining us with his "British accent" - which is pretty much a high pitched voice, over-enunciation, and saying "What-what" a lot.

Michael has been working on a special project. We have this car, see, that runs great but looks horrible. The door handles keep falling off, the windshield keeps cracking, and the paint has been disappearing. So, Michael decided to paint the car. With chalkboard paint. It. Is. Marvelous. Here's a picture of what he's done so far (pretty much, just the hood):

I tried to draw my favorite angel, and I tried to give him a kitten, because who doesn't want to give him a kitten? But I can't really draw, so you'll just have to deal with it. Also, note the fancy red sports car up there. Something tells me our neighbors won't like the chalkboard car as much as we do.


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