That's Not Polite...

Coconut was playing a game on his computer when he suddenly burst out with this gem: "Right in the penis!" Silence descended for a couple seconds, and Michael asked, "What did you say?" Coconut responded, "Right in the penis!... I shot my enemy, right in the penis.... I don't know why..." Never get on Coconut's bad side. You have been warned.

I got a special package today! My friend Luke made and sent me a Dammit Doll:

So, yes, that's awesome! The general idea is that when you get angry, you beat the crap out of the doll. Hold it by its legs and slam it around. That'll be useful at work, hey? Yes. Although, frankly, it's so cute, I might just end up reading it bedtime stories and tucking it in at night...

  • Happy birthday, Jacob Grimm! The Grimm fairy tales were, well, grim. I preferred them, even as a child, to the happier versions. 
  • 20 Things the Poor Really Do Every Day: I know far too many people who have glommed onto the notion that the poor - working or not - are lazy, ignorant, drunk moochers who could easily improve their lives if they'd just try. This list shows why that's a misguided - and, in my opinion, evil - line of thought. Coming out of poverty is like fighting gravity - easy enough if you're on the edge of its influence, but the closer you are to the center, the more difficult it becomes; those closest to the heart of poverty are simply crushed. 
  • Kate DiCamillo Is New National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature: I adore Kate DiCamillo. I fell in love with The Tale of Despereaux. She is a simply marvelous author.
  • The Different Types of Readers: Two things. One, I am some glorious mix of Type C and Type E. I read books very quickly, and always have something to say about the themes and messages of the stories, and I will go on about them for days on end, probably crying the whole time. I fangirl over books, I really do. Two, I have now RSS'd this blog. There's a lot of great stuff in here. 
  • 12 Dozen Places To Educate Yourself Online For Free: I miss school. I really, really do. Do you want/need to learn something new? Check these out. There's a very wide range of classes - from beginner math to high-level literary courses. Hmm...where to start? Maybe I'll learn a new language - or just brush up on my Spanish...
  • Thousands of books, manuscripts torched in fire at historic Lebanese library: I hate it when this happens... 
  • Don’t Blame Social Media if Your Teen Is Unsocial. It’s Your Fault: Interesting. Socialization is important, of course, but I would add that the way your kids socialize, and who they choose to socialize with is something that must be taught. Do you want your kids to be polite, to choose their friends wisely? Show them how. It's one of the many reasons we don't send Coconut and Swicky to public school - we want to supervise their socialization, to be sure they're picking up good habits and good friends.
  • Found in a Library Book: Neat!
  • Pyro Pet: Someone lend me $100.

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