If you aren't familiar with Redditgifts, you should get on that. It's a lot of fun to play Secret Santa with strangers from around the country (or, if you can afford it, around the world)! I like it, anyway.

The gift exchange I'm currently participating in is a graphic novels exchange. I haven't shipped off the stuff for my match - I'm waiting for a couple more items to come in, so I can package them all up and ship them off, but that's okay, I've got until September 5.

But! I got my present today. And it is cool!

It's actually the first volume of a comic book collection, and I think DH will go nuts when I start buying the rest. (Sorry! I promise to only buy, like, one volume a month?) The comic is called Chew:

Tony Chu is a detective with a secret. A weird secret. Tony Chu is Cibopathic, which means he gets psychic impressions from whatever he eats. It also means he's a hell of a detective, as long as he doesn't mind nibbling on the corpse of a murder victim to figure out whodunit, and why. He's been brought on by the Special Crimes Division of the FDA, the most powerful law enforcement agency on the planet, to investigate their strangest, sickest, and most bizarre cases.

How awesome is that?!



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