Title Detective

So, an older gentleman came into the library today, asking for a particular book. He didn't know the title or author, and it had been years since he read it - but it had a Jewish guy, sort of like James Bond, who maybe restored art? Oh, and he saved the Pope's life.

Good enough.

He also wanted a book by Edna Ferber - I talked him into taking three. He was very nice, very happy, and said, "Thank you!"

It made up for the patron complaining that a Reference Librarian who was helping someone else hadn't stopped to say hi to her; and the guy who came in from out of state for his father's funeral, who used his deceased father's library card to check out a DVD that he returned, minus the case, a few weeks late. It's easy to focus on the problem patrons, rather than the vast majority of perfectly nice people who use our services - I'm choosing to remember this guy today.



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