Yesterday, I decided to spend my day off "gardening." I don't do real gardening, but the mulberry tree was getting too much love from some morning glory vines, and my hydrangeas were being covered by some bush out front, which was also growing branches long enough to block the front door. So, I hacked some vines and trimmed a bush and, well, that's about the extent of my gardening.

A few hours later, my arm started itching. It got pretty bad - it was right on a scar, and it turned all blotchy, red, and swollen, and itched terribly. I don't know whether some of those vines were something other than morning glory (although I know what poison ivy looks like, and it wasn't that); perhaps I'm allergic to whatever that bush is (I have a growing list of weird allergies); it's even possible that I got bitten or stung by something and didn't notice, because I don't have the same sensitivity on my scar as on the rest of my arm. Whatever it was, it was pretty miserable. I finally got to sleep around 5 a.m., and my arm was pretty much normal by morning.


D.H. woke me up at sometime around 10 a.m. He wanted to clean the house. I don't mean just sweeping up and maybe some light dusting, either. We moved furniture. We moved all the kids stuff into another room - we had to dismantle the bunk bed and put it back together. We moved the piano into the room the kids had been in, which is now a den/library/piano room. We rearranged the living room entirely, moving the kids' computers into their new room (which entailed running new wires), and throwing out my desk (I never use it anymore). It's like I live in a brand new house, almost!

I need to rearrange my bookshelves tomorrow, too...

It's not over, either. But I'm done - we'll finish it tomorrow. To be fair, he did most of the work, and I have a nightstand by the bed, now.

Still, I'm so glad he get in this mood only once or twice a year. I'm tired, my feet hurt, and I'm really, really sleepy...I'm going to sit back and relax with some Original Sin.

Original Sin is delicious....


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