¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

It's Cinco de Mayo! I shall celebrate in the traditional U.S. way - I shall eat lots of, in this case Mexican, food.


It's also Nellie Bly's birthday!

Oh, that Nellie...

She was awesome. She was a serious reporter when women at newspapers were expected to write on gardening and fashion - she wrote on the plight of the poor and the hardships of women forced into divorce; she pioneered investigative reporting, arranging to be committed to an insane asylum in order to report on conditions there; she went 'round the world in 72 days, beating Phileas Fogg's (fictional) record by eight days; and she was the first woman war correspondent, during World War I. Oh, she also patented a milk can of her own design, and was, for a while, the leading woman industrialist in the world.

Yeah, that Nellie Bly.

She spent six months in Mexico - it started as a vacation, but ended when she wrote a scathing report on the Mexican president's imprisonment of a journalist who criticized the government. Her report (pretty predictably) got her in trouble, and, threatened with arrest, she came back to the U.S. So, I shall celebrate Nellie Bly's birthday with...er, lots of Mexican food.


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