Mother's Day!

It's Mother's Day!

I have an awesome mom. This is her:

I get my fashion sense from her. See:

She also had an awesome mother:

This year, my mother joined the ranks of the unmothered. My grandmother passed away very recently. Being unmothered is different from being motherless - my mom had her mother, and now she is gone, and there is no replacing her. But today I've been thinking quite a bit about the unmothered, the motherless, and the women who desperately want to be mothers and, for whatever reason, can't. This is a hard day for them, I'm sure. I'm very aware of how lucky I am to have my mom, who is a wonderful, sweet person who is in the habit of giving selflessly, even when she really can't afford to do so - materially, emotionally; giving her time, her energy, and, most especially, her heart. I was not her only child, and neither, really, was I only one of three. There are whole bunches of now adults out there who were mothered and loved, and are now, in turn, mothering and loving others.

I hope to be just as awesome a mom to my kiddos:



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