Taking Back Democracy

Democracy is supposed to be a form of government by the people, for the people. Ideally, everyone has an equal voice. Unfortunately, that isn't how it works out - money greatly influences political influence. And some of the richest "persons" are corporations.

As we can clearly see from the recent FCC net neutrality news, corporations, with lots of money to spend, are not exactly conscientious about doing what's best for people in general - and politicians are more than ready to listen to them and their dollars. Corporations, if we want to call them "persons," happen to be very greedy people, concerned entirely with making more money and securing their financial best interest. That's only to be expected - that's what corporations are designed to do. That's why, frankly, they shouldn't be "persons."

As true persons, we are and should be concerned about not only our interests, but the interests, needs, and problems of other people. And that's why money, especially money from corporations, needs to be taken out of politics.

The Vermont Legislature has passed a resolution calling for a Constitutional Convention to change campaign finance law. Hooray, Vermont! Now we need 33 more states to jump on board.

Meanwhile, I encourage you to, contact the FCC and call Congress and let them know how much a free and open Internet means to you! We need net neutrality - tell your representatives that the FCC's plan is not acceptable.


To change subjects entirely - I have no good transition - here's a photo for TBT, since I was late.

Isn't he beautiful? They wouldn't let me take him home, though.


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